For all parents of children with


For all students new to our school and, all returning students every September, we ask that you please notify us if your child has a potentially life threatening allergy and/or medical condition. 
While it is impossible to create a completely allergen-free environment, school staff and parents can take important steps to attempt to minimize potential risks.  Accurate records, written protocols, staff education, parental support and school rules should be considered.  This requires co-operation.
Given that each student’s needs are different, staff should have the information they need about the student’s specific allergies, as well as the severity of the allergies or medical condition and the appropriate safety protocol.
With this in mind we ask you to please:
·         Update our records. Please complete the appropriate forms from the list below, depending on your child’s life threatening allergy and/or medical condition(s). A photograph of your child will be attached to the protocol. Please note that the appropriate forms MUST be signed by your child’s doctor.
·         If your child is eligible for transportation, please fill out the OSTA Life-Threatening Medical Condition form listed below.  The school will complete the pick-up and drop-off information and send to the transportation department.
·         Arrange a time to speak with or meet with your child’s homeroom teacher for the first week of school
·         Ensure that EpiPens and all other medication are labeled with the student’s name and are at school on the first day of school.  We require one EpiPen in the office and one that stays with the student at all times.
·         Our new protocol strongly advises that students requiring inhalers for asthma carry an inhaler with them at all times in addition to the one in the office.
As part of our protocol, we feel that other parents should be aware that there are students in our school with severe allergies.  With your consent, a letter will be sent home to students in your child’s class outlining the needs of the classroom.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school with any questions or concerns at 613-254-8400.