Frequently Asked Questions

With winter upon us, we remind you that during these frosty months school bus runs may be cancelled due to poor weather & road conditions. Although if buses are cancelled due to weather, schools are still open on these “snow days”.

At Roch Carrier the majority of our students live within walking distance of the school and there are only a few, mostly kindergarten students, who are affected by school bus cancellations. Our absences on “Snow Days” are minimal and our teachers are teaching regular curriculum based lessons as usual. Expectations are that children are in class unless they are unable to get to school.


What is a "Snow Day"?
A "Snow Day" is a day when it is determined by school boards and their transportation partners that, due to inclement weather conditions, it is unsafe for buses to transport students to and/or from school.  Buses are cancelled for that day, both before and after school, along with any field trip or other school transportation services.


How can I find out if it's a "Snow Day"?
"Snow Day" information can be found on the Ottawa Student Transportation Authority's website You can also find out if school buses have been cancelled by listening to any local radio stations.   

88.5 fm: Live 88.5​ 89.9 fm: Hot ​ 91.5 fm: CBC Radio 1​
92.3 fm JACK FM 93.9 fm: New Country 98.5 fm: The Jewel
99.7 fm: boom 99.7 100.3 fm: Majic 100​ 101.1 fm: Country 101.1
105.3 fm: KISS FM 106.1 fm: CHEZ 106 106.9 fm: Jump!
580 am: CFRA 1200 am: TSN 1200​ 1310 am: 1310 NEWS

Our school's buses are cancelled if you hear them say buses for the English Public board or the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB) are cancelled.


Can I send my child to school?
Yes. The school is OPEN on "Snow Days". Snow Days only mean that school buses are cancelled, schools remain open.  If your child does not normally take the school bus and you choose to keep them home on a "Snow Day" please contact the attendance line or email to notify the school that they will be absent. We assume all designated "walking" students will be at school on "Snow Days" and according to our Safe Schools procedures, we must confirm the whereabouts of all of our students when they are absent.  If your student normally takes a bus and you decide to send them to school that day, please arrange with them how they will get home from school at the end of the day. If buses are cancelled in the morning they remain cancelled after school as well.


What happens if my child has a field trip scheduled that day?
All field trips and activities that require transportation services are cancelled on "Snow Days" (unless otherwise specified by your child's teacher/school). Please plan accordingly.