Achievements and SIP

Achievement and School Improvement Planning

Measures of Student Achievement and Success

Roch Carrier follows the guidelines set out in the OCDSB Policy and Procedure for Student Assessment and Evaluation on the OCDSB website. We are also guided by the fundamental principles stated in Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario Schools (2010) . Roch Carrier staff recognizes that the primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning as well as guide our teaching practices.

Teachers use a wide variety of assessment methods to monitor student achievement including: daily observation, pencil/paper tasks, projects, presentations, response journals, learning logs, quizzes and end of unit tests. Primary teachers use PM Benchmarks or La trousse d’evaluation en lecture de GB+ to assess student’s reading abilities. This information is also used to help develop relevant guided reading programs within the classroom.

Following a provincial mandate, all Grades 3 and 6 students participate in the provincial assessment, EQAO , at the end of the school year. Procedures are in place for students who require additional support or assistance. Classroom teachers refer students to a School Based Special Education Team . This team is comprised of our Learning Support Teachers as well as the administration. Together with the classroom teachers, the needs of the student are assessed and a course of action is determined. This may include further observation or assessment, accommodations or modifications within the classroom setting, support from the Learning Support Teacher (LST) or Learning Resource Teacher (LRT), or referrals to other school board professionals. Our Special Education Team is always available to assist classroom teachers in planning for the needs of all students.

School Improvement Plans and Initiatives

Our school improvement focus for this year is both literacy and math.

Literacy Goal: Our students will read and write a variety of texts (e.g. non-fiction, fictional books central to an issue, media, photo essays, illustrations) in order to respond to and evaluate texts from different points of view. Students will establish a distinctive voice appropriate to the subject and audience in their own writing. Students are engaged in collaborative and independent, meaningful tasks and engage in accountable discussion to develop and share their thinking. Students are encouraged to ask questions to help clarify their thinking and reflect on their ideas.

Numeracy Goal: The staff and students continue to work on extending their understanding of the big ideas in Math. Roch Carrier staff is working on developing rich problem solving tasks (open ended, authentic, relevant) that are easily differentiated and also promote creative and innovative mathematical thinking. In Number Sense and Numeration we still focus on Basic Facts and Operational Skills to further support the understanding of why a fact or procedure makes sense and how it connects to other concepts and skills.

The Roch Carrier team will be working with Dr. Marian Small this spring on developing and implementing these mathematical goals.

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